Having been founded on a wealth of experience and collective knowledge of over 25 years’, we recognise the importance of getting the best results. Not only from new equipment but, from your existing systems too.

Due to the >EmTech Effect<, EmTech incubation systems are producing better-conditioned chicks that perform very well on the farm with lower 7-day mortality and higher FCR.

EmTech also supplies a full range of single-stage, fixed-rack and game bird incubation systems to suit small producers and large commercial operations alike. Most EmTech systems are available with the widest range of egg tray types to suit almost all commercial hatcheries worldwide and incorporate a host of sophisticated control and management innovations for simplicity of operation and energy efficiency.

EmTech also manufacture a standalone, ventilation, chilled water and heat recovery system that provides all of the necessary services to support setters and hatchers, without having to upgrade existing ventilation systems. EmTech has a comprehensive product range allowing customers to find a system that suits their exact requirements

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