About Company

AGFATECH is a world-class provider of poultry and specialty equipment worldwide. Throughout its development, AGFATECH has experienced substantial growth in its several premier business divisions and continues to lead the industry in quality, precision and expertise. Maintaining the highest quality of products and services, fair and competitive prices, attention to detail, and an extensive and flexible selection of equipment has proven to be an effective cornerstone in shaping our current success and future growth. Whether it is an individual order or container load lot, AGFATECH will make sure that the job is done right the first time.

AGFATECH offers all the resources and flexibility necessary to support the growing number of international markets, as well as domestic necessity. Our company has made a commitment to achieving and maintaining the highest levels of quality possible for continuous improvement. Our goal is to be recognized as having the best quality in our industry. Our manufactured goods utilize only the highest level of resources and materials.

AGFATECH will continue to evolve in building unmatched quality and reliability into the manufacturing process and products utilizing the fundamental basis of attention to detail that have enabled us to strive over the past many years.


- Import & Sales of vaccination syringes, gas brooders (for heating) and automatic drinkers for poultry.

- Supply and Installation of Cooling, Dust Control & washing system for poultry houses.

- Supply and installation of Dry extruders for producing poultry bye product meal.

- Supply of different dairy equipment including milking buckets.

- Supply and installation of weighbridge having capacity of 100 tons.

- Import, Sales and Installation of small and medium size Egg Grading Systems
  (Capacity from 1600–14000 eggs/hour).

- Supply of automatic battery cages for laying hen.

- Supply and installation of poultry feed pelleting machinery including pellet press, counter flow cooler, crumbler,cyclone,   sieve and fan etc.

- Import and Sales of Dies and Rolls for pellet press.

- Supply & installation of Electronic fruit grading system including washing, waxing, drying & grading by weight, color   and diameter having various capacities.

- Consultancy Services for setting up different fruit processing units and other agro-based industrial projects.