AWETA system & technology for increase efficiency & productivity while reducing the number of steps in the packing process. A global company with a world experience in creating comprehensive sorting & packing systems. Sorting can be done by WEIGHT, COLOUR, SIZE and SHAPE.

Complete lines for Washing, Waxing, Grading & Packing system for Apple, Mangoes, Kinnow, Pears, Apricot, Chikoo, Peaches, other Fruits, Tomatoes & Cucumbers, Flowers specially Roses.

Grading Technology
AWETA intelligent grading technology & machines can operate in accordance to custom made programs for individual products such as apples, pears, peppers and eggplants, kaki, fish and even roses etc…

Produce is sorted according to desired parameters such as weight, colour, volume, diameter, density, shape, and even quality. AWETA products determine the quality of the fruit or vegetable, or indeed any possible defects that are present, both inside or on the surface of the product.

Packing Technology
AWETA provides tailor-made unique and versatile packaging systems. Our methods include: Crates, Boxes, Bags, Nets, Clamshells or Punnets All packaging can be labeled with the date of production and all other desired information, enabling accurate tracking and tracing on an international scale.

Palletizing Technology
AWETA palletization processes operate using a unique management and supervision system such as - Buffering & Strapping To ensure perfect control of the packing lines, as well as efficient continuity and flow in production.

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