Rearing houses, frames and turnkey solutions

With a worldwide presence, C-Lines is specialized in designing and producing livestocks buildings, as well as cattle buildings, hatcheries and slaughterhouses. We have the adapted solution to meet your needs: from a label production to high efficiency units. We can also implement manure buildings, storage and offices.

The design of C-Lines buildings is based on the know-how developed on Thin metallic steel profiles. This material is known for his durability and strenght in any environment with two advantages:
1- Competitivity and reactivity during erection.
2- Flexibility and costs optimization for custom-made projects
C-Lines is will also find solutions for buildings in high constrained environment and to respond to specific demands in heavy steel structures.
For layers houses, which can be layer cages houses, broiler on floor, free range, label, bio and industrial layer houses, with static or dynamic ventilation, longitudinal or transversal, C-Lines team will find the best solution to realize your projects.
We know that bio-security is very important, that’s why our hatcheries are designed to comply with the requirements of local sanitary norms. Inside the building, in order to ease the cleaning and avoid bio-elements, we have no visible posts inside the processing area.

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