A comprehensive product range - complete, continuously-working peeling and processing systems for potatoes and other tubers and root vegetables, such as celery, potatoes, red beets (UK: beetroot), kohlrabi, etc. - leads the world in technology and technical equipment. Distribution is worldwide.

Machines are manufactured to superior quality standards, exclusively from stainless steel. They are built, according to our own construction drawings, by subcontactors, which have been reliable partners for many years.

This arrangement has turned out to be highly cost-efficient Assembly and guarantee-related work, as well as construction and calculation, are carried out by our own personnel.

It is above all in the Third World and in Eastern Europe where systems for the small-scale industrial production of French fries and potato chips (UK: chips and crisps) are being sold, i.e. machinery and plants distributed by DORNOW in Western Europe during the 1960s and 70s.

DORNOW supplies not only plants for the production of French fries and potato chips (UK: chips and crisps), or peeling plants for potatoes, carrots, red beet (UK: beetroot) and root celery (celeriac), but also offers peeling systems for subtropical and tropical fruit, such as manioc (cassava), frozen oranges and frozen pineapples.

To supplement our product range and according to demand, we also plan and purchase products from other manufacturers. For instance, we delivered a plant to Siberia for the sterilization of vacuum-packaged potatoes sealed in plastic bags, as well as for other tubers and root vegetables. We supplied the entire system: peeling line, vacuum-sealing equipment, autoclave, steam generator, electrical control cabinet, including all essential electrical equipment and installation material.

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