GEERLOFS Refrigeration knows your products whether dealing with vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, poultry, dairy products, agricultural and food processing industry. We can supply you with perfect tailor-made refrigeration systems including cold stores, freezer stores, pre-coolers, blast freezers and C. A. stores.

GEERLOFS has done over the past 80 years with an enthusiastic team of professional peoples based all over the world.

GEERLOFS Refrigeration has vast experience in all kinds of refrigerant systems like:

- Central or Decentralized
- Direct Cooling or Indirect Cooling
- Natural Refrigerants like Ammonia, Propane and/or CO2
- Environmentally friendly HFC refrigerants

Competitive initial costs and more importantly low operational cost are part of our goals. With high up time, low energy usage and predictable service & maintenance cost you are well looked after at GEERLOFS Refrigeration.

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