HAARSLEV INDUSTRIES has global coverage with sales and service offices in important markets. We combine know-how, technology and products from several former brands: Tremesa S.A., Atlas-Stord Denmark A/S, Stord-Bartz, Sværtek A/S and HAARSLEV A/S, brands that have been recognised world-wide for reliability and high quality.

HAARSLEV Industries manufactures processing equipment to customers in the meat, pet food, fish, oil, environmental protection and biofuel industries world-wide. We work in close cooperation with our customers. Plant durability, reliability and service are key-words for HAARSLEV supplies, whether it is a single piece of equipment or a complete turnkey plant.

Over the years HAARSLEV Industries has specialised in mechanical and thermal dewatering for different industries. We are an experienced equipment and process designer who integrates plant delivery with process know-how. Upgrading of products, energy savings and environmental protection are important parameters for supplies from HAARSLEV Industries.

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