HEERING specialized in the development of innovative transport solutions for the poultry sector. The company is the world leading animal transport equipment manufacturers, through a professional approach to day old chick transport, combined with a thorough understanding of all relevant aspects of the poultry production chain.

HEERING is a 100% family owned since 1865, acts fully independent and is not direct or indirect related to any other supplier in the poultry sector. HEERING have several types of CHICKEN TRUCKS, with capacities ranging from 25,000 to 120,000 day old chickens. Some customers load more chickens, up to 150,000 depending on the type of chicken boxes, (plastic, different heights, cardboard, different sizes) the capacity can vary. Delivery of only the bodywork is very well possible, as long as we have exact information about (dimensions of) the truck, to design the connecting sub frame.

Proven Reliability
Minimized risk through self supporting unit

Hygiene Assured
Easy cleaning and disinfection for enhanced biosecurity

Excellent Airflow
Homogeneous temperature through AirControl™

User Friendly
Intuitive operation for ease and confidence

Optimal Transport Capacities
Minimized mortality and best FCR at the farm

Professional Monitoring
Easy monitoring through web-based solution

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