Austrian enterprise OVOTHERM has become the number one global supplier of clear egg packaging, leading in technology and Production. Because our developments are geared for the markets of our customers we are well known for our economical and value adding concepts and solutions. Because we efficiently implement innovative ideas and marketing strategies.

OVOTHERM want to be a competent and reliable supplier to our customers to reduce supply chain cost by using the capacity of their packaging machinery in the most efficient way. We support retailers and egg marketers with creative concepts, design suggestions, available merchandizing know how and international network contacts.

Being a global leader in innovation and marketing of clear egg packs in more than 80 countries with over 40 years experience we have developed best products and marketing concepts for promoting egg sales.

OVOTHERM clear eggpacks offer a lot of avantages for the consumer, but also for the supermarket as well as for the egg producer and the packing station. Better displaymanagement as well as less breakage, from cost savings to environmental protection.

Clear Advantages
Consumers want to see what they buy: Our clear egg packs are hygienic, easy-to-handle, save and create a hearty appetite for eggs.

Economically environmental
100 % recyclable, 50% savings in supply chain cost: Our clear egg packs offer sensationel savings in transport and storage, supply chain cost, CO2 emission as well as the complete energy footprint.

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