PROTEC was founded in 1990 out of the passion and the approximately 20 years experience of an outstanding professional in the agro-food sector: Luigi Sandei. Already the first European manufacturer of self-powered, optically sensing tomato harvesters, Mr. Sandei decided to apply his personal experience to the production of the first optical sorters for use in the tomato processing industry.

In an effort to surpass the targets already achieved (over 3000 installations world-wide) by and its united team, we are focused on one of the company's primary objectives; to provide reliable and effective solutions to our clients.

This continual research has opened up the way for the application of our technology to other previously unconsidered products. In addition to tomatoes, it is now possible to sort whole fruit, tomato and fruit pulp, extrusions, purees, jams, leaf vegetables (fresh or dehydrated), legumes, diced fruit and potatoes (in almost every form).

As a result, a simple product such as a tin of peas or a pot of jam, which people buy everyday, embodies a high level of technology aimed at achieving the highest quality. In our machines this technology translates into a sophisticated system of artificial vision which is being continuously developed and that can be adapted to the most advanced production lines.

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