SEED PROCESSING HOLLAND was founded in the year 1967 and has specialized in the manufacture of machinery and equipment for the SEED PROCESSING industry, focused on flower and vegetable seeds. Our equipment is already being used world-wide by many SEED PROCESSING companies. We also offer tailor-made special machines or equipment apart from standard machines.

We can deliver the complete range of SEED PROCESSING equipment like:

- Seed Threshing Machines
- Seed Extraction Machines
- Seed Dryers
- Seed Priming Units
- Seed Germination Cabinets(laboratory)
- Seed Cleaning Machines
- Seed Pelleting Machines
- Seed Film Coaters
- Seed Counting Machines
- Seed Weighers
- Seed Packing Machines

For all types of flower seed, vegetable seed and field crop seed.

We also offer possibilities for dust suction, seed transportation and seed storage. For the engineering and lay-out of complete SEED PROCESSING lines and installations you have found the right company as well.

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