STC - CAUSTIER is the world leader in Date Processing specialized in the processing, Pest Control, Washing, Drying, Moisture Control, Sorting and Packing. Also for value added Products like Date Syrup, Jam, Date Paste, Chocolate Coating, Concentrate, Vinegar, Alcohol & Sugar.

STC - CAUSTIER also specializing in engineering, design, construction, installation, computer, tracking and service, the company creates machines guarantee a real know-how for all types of fruits and vegetables.

Custom-made and designed from compatible with food materials, these graders are suitable for any type of application and budget. The qualitative side has developed a real aura of business internationally.

STC - CAUSTIER developed the optical calibration visible, infrared and near infrared high definition. These intelligent machines are capable of measuring not only the size and weight, but also the color, sugar content and firmness. They can even detect defects fruit.

The company is also a leader in "diagnostic maintenance machine" with real-time control to high-performance embedded computer system.

Reliability, innovation and technology are the three words that best describe today STC - CAUSTIER.

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