TECNO POULTRY EQUIPMENT is widely known in the poultry sector for its LAYER and PULLET CAGES, egg collection systems (conveying and egg centralization) and for the big turn-key-projects realized worldwide. TECNO has been globally serving the poultry farmers and prides itself in their product versatility, durability and cost competitiveness.

TECNO has met the challenge of adapting its corporate and organisational structure in order to satisfy the ever growing needs of different markets. The company is now characterised by great flexibility that allows it to face up to the evolving requirements of the global markets.

In last few years, TECNO has significantly increased its turnover, consolidated its position in several markets and gained recognition in the international arena as one of the LEADING MANUFACTURERS of poultry farming equipment.

We have strengthened our specialisation in turnkey projects to suit the needs of large poultry farms, but we are also capable of serving small plants in different geographical areas.

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