Welcome to Certhon, the leading expert in designing and implementing complete greenhouse horticulture projects around the world. Our family-run business was founded in 1896, but our core values have remained unchanged: building reliable greenhouses and developing energy-efficient systems. The market for protected cultivation has changed dramatically.

Certhon has been designing and developing innovative and reliable techniques for the global horticulture sector since 1896. Our products answers global questions like: As the population continues to grow, what will our global food supply look like in 2030? How will we deal with increasing water scarcity? Will we be able to grow ornamental crops without daylight in the future? By linking construction, climate, water, and electrical engineering to agronomy, we have the knowledge and expertise needed to offer our clients the best solutions. We make profitability a priority because we are just as ambitious as our clients and want to become the best in the world. For food. For flowers. For sure.

Certhon designs and builds modern greenhouses for the greenhouse horticulture sector and is an innovator in the development of growth chambers and technical systems With all of the disciplines housed under one roof, we can offer total solutions and carry out entire projects, from design to execution, in accordance with the client’s wishes and requirements.

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