XEDA LABELLING MACHINES & FRUIT LABELS: The automatic labeling machines, patented in several countries that we supply exclusively for the application of our labels, vary according to the size of the labels. Adhesive used in the production of our labels is registered as a food additive in the respect of many European and foreign food laws. Paper and ink are allowed for contact with food.

XEDA offers:

- A wide range of classical post-harvest chemicals for the protection of fruit and vegetables, innovative    post-harvest chemicals to be applied as fogs in confined spaces and machines for the production of these fogs    (Electrofog®).
- A wide range of waxes and application machinery for the coating the fruit.
- A new range of natural products, the « Green Line », for post-harvest protection of fruit, vegetables and plants    (anti-oxidants, sprouting inhibitors, bactericides, fungicides, nematicides) that leave no dangerous residues.
- Complete technology for the thermal treatment of fruit and vegetables both as a stand-alone treatment or    combined with our "Green Line" chemicals.
- A wide range of pesticides for organic agriculture that minimize    environmental impact.
- The use of natural products in other fields (animal health products for the sanitation of cattle and poultry    products, sanitation of grain store, sanitation of buildings and other premises)
- Automatic labeling systems for fruit and vegetables.

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